Coffee Companions


The Café at Wyevale Garden Centre, Wendover is starting the new year off by offering its clientele a new way to socialise and make new friends.
Coffee Companions is a deceptively simple concept which uses Chat Mats to open up communication. The two-sided Mat is placed on the table and on one side, coloured green, is an invitation to ‘Say Hello’. If the Mat is turned on the other side coloured red, the message reads ‘Not Today’.
Encouraging the use of these Chat Mats and setting up Chat Clubs to start conversations and create companionship benefits everyone, whether it is just two neighbours, a particular interest group, or a whole town.
The Centre Café’s Companions Hours will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays with  it's opening launch on Tuesday, 6th February.
So if you’re planning to drop by the Wyevale Garden Centre for a cuppa, look for the green Coffee Companions sign at the counter and Chat Mats on the tables – and prepare to enjoy a good chat!

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Nov 15, 2021

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