Health & Wellbeing

As you get older, it is more important than ever to look after your health and there are specific vaccinations offered which you should take up unless specifically advised not to do so by your health specialist. 

If you notice a change in your health and well being, don't delay in getting things checked out. More often than not, early intervention is key 

And you should get your flu jab, especially if you are in one of the high risk groups. The flu jab, which on average causes 8,000 deaths a year on average in England, now comes in different forms with one specially formulted for older people resulting in incresed effectiveness.




Our latest news
Jul 29, 2021

Buckinghamshire Council are interested in hearing how active lives can be supported particularly for older residents and those with pre-existing health conditions and are asking you to take part in an Active Lives Survey. Closing Date 27th August and click here for more info