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As you get older, it is more important than ever to look after your health and there are specific vaccinations offered which you should take up unless specifically advised not to do so by your health specialist. 

NHS bosses are warning that winter 2017/18 we should be braced for a bad flu season. They cite the experience of Australia and New Zealand, which have just gone through their winters. What   happens there, they say, tends to be a good pointer to how flu spreads in the UK.

             How bad has it been in Australia and New Zealand? They’ve certainly had their worst flu season for a number of years. Like the UK, the past few winters have seen pretty low levels of flu circulating.

But this winter it has been different. Figures up to the end of August – not even the end of their winter – suggest there was nearly double the number of cases of flu than the average over the past five winters. 

Last winter season 71.3% of those aged 65 and over in Buckinghamshire got the flu vaccine. That's according to new stats from Public Health England and their 'Stay Well This Winter' campaign.

They're urging those in at risk groups to get the flu jab, which on average causes 8,000 deaths a year on average in England.


In real figures, out of 99,588 patients registered 65 years old and over in Bucks, 70,984 got the vaccination.



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