Hospital Discharge in Bucks

    Do you, or someone you know, have an experience of the hospital discharge  system to share – if so please contact Debra via email on 07507399180 or email to discuss this further.        
   We want to hear about what happened and use this opportunity to help improve the service in the future. 
    The Inquiry Group have been undertaking some evidence gathering sessions with various health and social care professionals over the last week or so and some common “themes” are emerging which I would be particularly interested to hear about from a patient/carer point of view.  One is around experience of the Patient Transport Service and the other is around the Pharmacy service and how quickly the patient who is being discharged receives their medicines for taking with them.
    We want to improve the performance around Hospital Discharge and to minimise delayed transfers of care across the whole system. As well as being of relevance to health partners in both the acute and non-acute settings, there are knock-on effects if the Hospital Discharge process is not carried out in a timely manner.   Whilst there are a number of existing pieces of work that review and monitor the performance of the Hospital Discharge process, value can be added by looking across the whole system which could inform the existing individual pieces of work. These include
· The County Council review of the Re-ablement service
· Bucks Healthcare Trust is leading a workstream entitled “Care at home”
· A&E Delivery Board which reviews performance across the whole system. 
Data is reported by the Trust regularly and Healthwatch Bucks has kept a watching brief on the Delayed Transfers of Care data.  Even the NHS Five Year Plan (Sustainability and Transformation Plans for Bucks, Oxon and Berkshire West) could impact on this issue in terms of any planned service redesigns.
The aim of this Inquiry is to review the existing pathways across the whole system in terms of Hospital discharge to better understand the reasons for delays in transfers of care and to suggest improvements. 
We would like to involve service-users and the public in this inquiry, therefore we are conducting patient experience interviews to capture feedback from people who have been discharged from the acute Hospital setting to the non-acute setting
Debra, SUCO Development Worker
SUCO – Bucks Service User and Carer Organisation

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