Royal Mail Fake Missed Delivery Notes

Warnings have been raised around a new scam which makes use of convincing - but fake - 'missed delivery' cards.
The cards look very much like the ‘something for you’ cards you typically receive from Royal Mail when you have missed a delivery.
They use the same colour scheme, headings and four-box layout. Indeed, the  only clear difference is that the scammers’ cards do not have the Royal Mail logo on them.

Recipients are invited to call a number beginning 0208 in order to arrange a delivery.

They are then put through to an automated message where they are asked to leave their details and a ‘consignment number’. Victims have claimed that calling the number - which isn’t registered to Royal Mail - has cost them £45.
So if you do receive a missed delivery card, make sure that you look for the Royal Mail logo and be especially wary if you are not expecting a delivery.
If you think that you may have fallen foul of this or any other fraud. You should call Action Fraud to report it and also seek advice

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