Victims First Support Service

A new service for victims in the Thames Valley who are struggling to cope with the impact of a crime has been launched
Victims First is available across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire and provides free tailored emotional and therapeutic support to all victims and witnesses of crime, as well as family members of victims (if they require it). 
The service allows for one front door for all victims in the Thames Valley who require support and is available regardless of:
•    Crime type
•    Whether or not the crime has been reported to the police 
•    Whether they were a victim of a recent or historic crime
•    Wherever the crime happened.

Anybody who needs support can access it


Tel: 0300 1234 148

  Being a victim of crime can be distressing. The impact of crime will vary, but many people benefit from receiving some support and information to help them cope and recover.

  You can contact Victims First to access tailored support based on your individual needs. When you contact them you will be allocated a Victims First Officer who will discuss any emotional or practical needs you may have. You will work together to put in place a support plan which could involves referring you to one of the specialist services for further support.

   They have a number of specialist services you may be referred to if required. The type of assistance available includes:

· Telephone support

· Face to face support

· Advocacy, including, legal services

· Support through the criminal justice system (if you have reported the crime to the police)

· Therapeutic Counselling

 You can speak to a Victims First Officer about any of our services and receive support by:

Phone: 0300 1234 148

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9am to 5pm and Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 7pm


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