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The Bucks Older Peoples Action Group (BOPAG) is an independent, non-political, voluntary network organisation made up of groups and individuals around the county

Our core message is Positive Ageing and through this website, we can help provide older people with information which supports them to lead healthy, active and independent lives, consult with older people, find out what their issues are, and then do something about resolving those issues.
BOPAG normally meets 6 times a year and everyone is welcome. We are currently holding our meetings by zoom which have been a huge hit but hope to return to physical meetings when we can. In the mean time, please get in touch if we can help, give advice etc    
Next meeting - 10 am, 21st January 2022 (In person meeting)  
November 2021 - Minutes available
AGM September 2021 - Minutes available
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In person meetings are now taking place at Christ The Servant King, Sycamore Road, High Wycombe, HP12 4TJ. All are welcome. Please contact Paula for dates, details and directions.   
 This website aims to be an impartial online ‘signposting’ service for use by the public, BOPAG members and others providing local services to the older people of Buckinghamshire. BOPAG does not recommend or endorse any of the providers listed and it has not carried out any background checks or other forms of due diligence in respect of the providers listed on the website.
The website's main function is to hold information on groups and organisations providing services and activities, within Buckinghamshire or close by, which are likely to be of interest to older people. It also holds information on regional and national organisations that provide information or services which may be useful to the people of Buckinghamshire.
It is recommended that you always check with providers that their service or organisation meets your requirements. If buying services, for all but the smallest jobs, get more than one quote, preferably three. For advice and information about buying services and products Bucks Trading Standards and Citizens Advice have produced a series of guides giving you hints and tips before you buy as well as practical advice and steps you can take to solve problems if they happen.

Click on the name of YOUR District below to bring up the range of activities and services that are available to you in YOUR area. For county wide services please go to our Support section.

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Nov 15, 2021

Fake Patient Access Emails
Some of you may be using Patient Access. Please be aware that there are fake emails being sent that claim to be from Patient Access but are from fraudsters. Patient Access are looking into the matter but in the meantime would advise that you never click on links to login via email and visit the site via the address bar of your browser instead. They also strongly advise setting up your Memorable Word feature, to protect against attacks such as these. Further infomation can be found at https://www.patientaccess.com/security