Chiltern Hundreds Supper Club

During the winter, members meet monthly in Beaconsfield Old Town for an evening meal followed by a speaker. Talks cover a wide range of subjects. 
In the summer the groups visit places of interest nearby before enjoying a pub meal.
If you appreciate good company with an evening meal and listening to a speaker, perhaps you’d like to join us.
For more details, phone Kate on 01494 671 508 or email

Our latest news
Nov 15, 2021

Fake Patient Access Emails
Some of you may be using Patient Access. Please be aware that there are fake emails being sent that claim to be from Patient Access but are from fraudsters. Patient Access are looking into the matter but in the meantime would advise that you never click on links to login via email and visit the site via the address bar of your browser instead. They also strongly advise setting up your Memorable Word feature, to protect against attacks such as these. Further infomation can be found at