At Road Farm Countryways we run a fortnightly Countrymen’s Club for men aged 55+ who have an affinity with farms, gardens and the outdoors through their previous work, leisure activities, or simply through a general love of the countryside. Our group is part of the Countrymen UK Network, an award-winning Lottery funded charity that aims to help men reap the health and wellbeing benefits of working with animals and nature alongside other likeminded people.

The group is open to all, but especially addresses the challenges associated with change and increased isolation, whether due to social circumstances like the loss of a partner, or health demands.  It helps meet the needs of lifelong conditions for those who find it difficult to socialise and access the countryside or work activity.

The Countrymen has a varied programme, but it always involves potential time outside in the fresh air – come rain or shine! Example topics of interest we cover include wood turning, sausage making, working animals, brewing and land management. Refreshments and a home-cooked lunch are provided.

Our friendly meeting is on a Monday morning from 11.00-2.30pm, twice a month. There is a small weekly charge which we believe is well worth it. You can call us on 01494 862 413 or visit our website at


Do you know someone who enjoys the countryside and who may be feeling the effect of isolation and loneliness during the current lockdown?

The idea of the Countrymen’s Club, backed by the national charity ‘Countrymen UK’ is that all men, regardless of their mobility or cognitive levels, should have the opportunity to participate in healthy, active and social activities in a safe and supported countryside or farm environment to the benefit of their physical and mental wellbeing. The network also supports family carers.

Our Monday Countrymen’s Group had to temporarily go on hold due to Covid-19. We are now focusing our attention on the wider community by providing outreach services. We aim to keep men and their family carers up-to-date with countryside news and services, as well as keeping them motivated and stimulated during lockdown.  This can be anything from a regular telephone call, activities to complete at home, posting a newsletter, updates on delivering farm fresh eggs or links to videos and photographs about what is going on at our farm. Hopefully in time we will be able to invite gentlemen back onto the farm on a 1:1 for a cream tea and walk around the farm.

We would like to reach men who already have an affinity with the countryside and outdoor environments and/or have long-term health or mobility issues. Their interest in the countryside might stem from their previous occupation in farming or horticulture or perhaps through their leisure activities e.g. gardening, fishing, walking etc.

These men will be finding it difficult to be indoors and those living with health conditions such as dementia may not understand the current situation. Their family carers will be facing additional challenges and pressures at this time and may appreciate some additional support.

It is so important to reach out to these men and their family carers in our communities.

Perhaps you have someone in mind who would appreciate this support or you are part of an organisation that could help spread the word about what we can offer, if so, please get in touch so that we can discuss how we may be able to help. Emily Reddy, Countryways Outreach,  07402 200947